Indiana Southern Rail Site 4B of the Southwest Indiana Megasite

The Southwest Indiana Megasite (SWIM) is a total of an 8,000 acre megasite to be developed in the future.  Which is also part of a 4,000-acre area that just completed the master planning process. This site is served by Indiana Southern Rail and is 2 miles from the I-69 interchange.  Within SWIM there is a large site that is Indiana Silver Site Certified shovel-ready, greenfield site, a half mile from Interstate 69 interchange that travels north and south, and 15 miles from Interstate 64 which travels east and west.

  • Electric and natural gas on-site

  • 10-inch water main on site

  • 8-inch wastewater main a half-mile adjacent

  • Served by two rail providers

Geotechnical Recommendations

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