skilled workers are within a 30-60 minute commute to Pike County.


of Pike County residents have earned an associate’s degree or higher.

Ready Workforce

Our workers are ready for new jobs and industry to come to our area so they can once again enjoy higher wages closer to home. With our Southwest Indiana Megasite, Opportunity Zone and fantastic tax incentives, Pike County is the place to locate your business.

Major Employers in Pike County

CompanyLocationNumber of Employees
Indianapolis Power and LightPetersburg360
White StallionPetersburg250
Elmer Buchta Trucking IncOtwell167
Pike County School CorporationPetersburg134
Golden Living CenterPetersburg76
Trilogy Health ServicePetersburg72
Pike County Area Rehab CenterPetersburg70
Onyett's FabricatorsPetersburg67
Four Star FabricatorsPetersburg50
Sisson Steel CorporationWinslow30
Stella Jones Corp.Winslow19

Employment by Industry

Pike County Employment by Industry (2017)


Median family income in 2016 (ACS)$58,667
Median Household income in 2016 (ACS)$48,076
Average wage per job in 2016 (BLS)$46,596
Wage Growth since 2000 (BLS)47.1%
Source: US Census Bureau, ACS 5 Year Estimates & Bureau of Labor Statistics

Pike County: Top Business Sectors

Pike County Top 5 Sectors by Establishment LQ

Pike County: Top Business Sectors

Pike County Top 5 Sectors by Establishments

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